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Finish yard work in record time by equipping your plastic gas can with a ZOOYL Gas Can Vent. By helping to reduce air constriction, our gas valve ensures smooth, fast flow with less splashing and spills.

The ZOOYL CV boot clamp tool features an innovative design based on a centerpiece that slides up, biting tightly and ensuring excellent grip, helping get a smooth ear clamp surface.

With this design, you don't have to laboriously push down on the bearings. A few simple rotations of the handle do the trick easily, efficiently, and without much effort.

For your safety and the product's reliability, we increased the tank's thickness by 150% and implemented several safety features. With these features, you'll never have to worry about a leak that can cause a huge mess on your garage floor!

EASY TO MAKE AN Ω SHAPE: Rod seal install tool set for the quick, safe installation of flexible rod seals. 3 sizes are included for various rod seal installation jobs from 0.87" and up.

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