• 10 sec Installation

  • Enhance flow for faster refills

  • Universal compatible for most fuel tanks

  • Vent valve made of durable stainless steel

  • Attach silicone rubber cap avoiding cap losing

  • Design for tightly fitting

  • REFUEL FASTER - Finish yard work in record time by equipping your plastic gas can with a ZOOYL Gas Can Vent. By helping to reduce air constriction, our gas valve ensures smooth, fast flow with less splashing and spills.

  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - Requiring only a drill and the ZOOYL Gas Can Vent Kit in 3 steps will modify your gas can or water can in minutes. The slotted, threaded fuel tank vent stem allows tight, secure insertion and a rubber gasket stops leakage.

  • ALL-WEATHER CONSTRUCTION - The durable metal and silicone rubber cap makes the ZOOYL Gas Can Vent Cap suitable for any climate. The flip cap is attached to the valve to prevent loss and allow 1-handed operation.

  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE - For all 1, 3 and 5 gallon plastic jugs and jerry cans. Our gas and water can vent cap allows you to quickly and efficiently dispense fuel, water or solvents. Liquids flow smoothly from the nozzle without air pockets or splatters.

  • TIGHTLY FITTING - Our screw-in gas can vent is the simplest solution to venting a plastic jug, sealing it reliably for safe transport and storage. The efficient design easily screws into a hole which you drill, suiting an array of gas can shapes.

Summon Fantastic Beasts To Be Your Partners

Refuel Faster & Save Time

3 EZ Steps for 10 Second Installation

No More Cap Missing

Universally Fit

Enjoy Your Vent Cap

How To Use ZOOYL Gas Can Vent Cap

10 Second Installation

Step 1

Drill a hole on the top of the can.

Step 1

Screw vent cap into the hole.

Step 3

Open the rubber cap and ready to use.

Special slotted design.

You can use screwdriver or quarter to tighten the vent cap.

Make Your Gas can Perform Efficiently

Fast, Sure-Lock Installation

Weather Any Storm

Easy 1-Handed Opening and Closure

No Cap Missing

Refuel Faster Any Time Anyway

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