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Air Ducky Gas Can Vent - Q&A

Question 1 : Is it easy to install?

Answer 1 : Very very easy to install .. user friendly !!

Question 2 : Does 3-pack vent cap including drill bit?

Answer 2 : Yes. We do provide a drill bit for the 3-pack vent cap.

Question 3 : Will it vent under to much pressure like a gas can expanding from heat?

Answer 3 : I suppose that if you removed the vent cap 7 gazillion times, it would wear out the lip... allowing fumes to escape into the atmosphere when the pressure reached a certain point... however, self venting gas cans are not permitted... they are made to expand and contract with pressure, not related to the amount of gas, but the amount of free space... fumes produced by the gas. Going from morning to evening (60 to 90 degree temp), the vent caps remain intact, regardless of the amount of free space.

Question 4 : How do you clean out the can once all the crap from drilling the hole falls in it ???

Answer 4 : This is a very good question. You can follow the step and to clean out the drill shavings.

Step 1. The can should be empty before starting the process.

Step 2. Drill a hole on the top of the can.

Step 3. Hold the can upside down and shake it let the shavings fall out.

Step 4. Screw vent cap into the hole.

Step 5. Open the rubber can and ready to use.

Question 5 : How do you prevent the filings from falling into the can and ending up clogging the car fuel filter?

Answer 5 : The plastic that is drilled out comes out with the bit. Nothing falls inside the can. Even if a small amount did it would not clog up the filter as it is designed to filter out a lot of stuff and these small plastic chips would more than likely never make it out of the gas tank anyway.

Question 6 : Would using two of these per can be worth it for even more flow?

Answer 6 : I don’t think so. I’m not even sure 2 would make much of a difference when pouring.

Question 7 : Will these vents work on steel jerry cans?

Answer 7 : No, they’re designed to use in the plastic jugs

Question 8 : Do u have a withdraw fitting like this?

Answer 8 : ZOOYL Gas Vent Cap is made for vent function. We are focusing on helping our customers refuel faster and finish yard work or garage work in the record time. For the safety issue, we don’t recommend retrofit gas can by using withdraw fitting assemblies or fuel pick-up assemblies in normal plastic or stainless type gas can. If you have any special case need fuel withdraw fitting assemblies, you could search suitable fuel tank in prime day. Thanks for the awesome question.

Question 9 : What size is the drill bit ?

Answer 9 : We provide 7.8mm drill bit for 3 pack and 6 pack. 

Here is the product packing list video for your reference. Hope you enjoy ZOOYL vent cap.

Question 10 : What size is the drill bit ?

Answer 10 : We provide a 7.8mm drill bit for 3 packs and 6 packs.

Here is the product install compare video for your reference.

We hope you enjoy ZOOYL gas can vent.

Question 11 : Will they fit in a 1/2” hole?

Answer 11 : A 1/2 inch hole is too big. The vent caps come with the correct size drill to use.

Question 12 : I have a can with a hole from anoth plastic vent . Eith 9/16ths or half inch. 

Will this product work and still seal the hole ?

Answer 12 : Hi, What if the original gas can vent hole size is too large?

1.Use the original yellow cap as a foundation for your gas can vent.

2.Install the ZOOYL gas can vent into the foundation.

3.To seal the yellow cap foundation, use Fuel Resistant sealant.

You may also look at the installation video if you have any questions. 

Thank you for taking the time to ask. ZOOYL Customer Technique Service Department.

Question 13 : My included drill bit was not included with the 3 caps. Anyone know what size bit was supposed to be included?

Answer 13 : Don't remember, but their web site may say.

Question 14 : where to get replacement rubber caps?

Answer 14 : As far as I know you can't. you can always use the rubber cap for a brake bleeder or vacuum port block off cap available at any auto parts store or Amazon.

Question 15 : Are they food grade?

Answer 15 : Hello from ZOOYL Customer Service, We really love this question. Our Air Ducky vent cap is for industry used. We don't recommend to use it in any food or water container. Thank you for your question.

Question 16 : Will these also work on metal gas cans? Thank you!

Answer 16 : I would doubt that it would work well due to the thickness of a metal can. Needs some thickness for the threads.