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Oliphant Oil Extractor - Q&A

Question 1 : Can I use it to extract old gasoline from my boat?

Answer 1 : Our Oil Extractor Pump has been designed to make taking care of your CAR, BOAT, LAWN MOWER, or GENERATOR effortless! It is corrosion-resistant and can effortlessly remove fluids such as engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, and gear oil. However, it is important to note that the internal components could be damaged if you use this pump with gasoline. We are the biggest high-end manufacturer of oil extractors. We really As the leading high-end manufacturer of oil extractors, we prioritize every detail to ensure user-friendliness and exceptional quality. In case you require further guidance on how to use our extractors, we've also provided an instructional video for your convenience. If you want to fuel up faster and with less mess, the Air Ducky Gas Can Vent is the perfect gasoline accessory for you. Enjoy your life with Oliphant - We strive for excellence!


Gasoline and rubber don't always play nice together. I wud right the manufacturer directly. Depending on the material used in the seals, plugs etc. it may or may not hold up to the gas long term.

Question 2 : If i hook it up to an air compressor, nothing happens. only when i pump it. what am i doing wrong?

Answer 2 : Make sure the pump handle is all the way down. Mine won’t air operate if the handle is even a little bit up.

Question 3 : No vaccum when pumping, I did take the hose away and try to put my hand to see if I got any vaccum, nothing how to repair?

Answer 3 : Not sure what’s wrong but they are a super responsive company. They’ll make it right. BTW, mine makes a great amount of vacuum and draws oil with ease.